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UYC is a family oriented private club that has been in existence since 1951, prior to the creation of Lake Lanier. UYC is a truly unique organization. It should not be confused with other marinas on Lake Lanier nor, for that matter, with other yacht clubs around the Southeast or even across the nation. At UYC, members and their families enjoy a special bond of friendship and camaraderie that is difficult to describe but readily apparent throughout the Club and our many activities.

UYC has often been described as a “family organization” and it is indeed that. We maintain and enjoy a very wholesome atmosphere where our Members and their families, including children and grandchildren, are welcome and involved in almost every aspect of the Club’s activities. Member’s enjoyment is further enhanced by the location of the Club facilities on what is arguably the most beautiful spot on Lake Lanier

The emphasis at UYC is on recreational boating, as a hobby and as a discipline, and as a means of engaging and involving family and friends in an amicable social relationship. It has always been this way, and is expected to continue to remain so for the foreseeable future.

We hope to pique your interest in University Yacht Club. If so, we look forward to hearing from you soon!



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